Electronic Script Submission ONLY


For Interp script concerns or questions, please email Sonya Hemmings at sonyahem@earthlink.net.
For Platform script concerns or questions, please email Vivian Struebel at vhstru@gmail.com.

This is in order to avoid the 11th hour stress for a competitor when errors in the script submission package prevent approval during check-in at the tournament. By submitting scripts electronically prior to the tournament, potential issues can be fixed ahead of time, as well as making the tournament check-in process faster and smoother.

Script Submission Deadline:

The cut-off for electronic script submission is Monday, March 13th. No scripts will be accepted after this date.

Details & Instructions:

Please go over the checklists (in the link below) with your coach or parent before sending us your material. The current rules for script submission are listed on the Stoa website.

  • Interpretive Scripts: All interpretive speeches will need to have the original source of the material photocopied and scanned (and sent together with your script). Uploading will go faster if the photocopies are scanned at the lowest resolution possible.
  • Platform Speeches: We recommend that you check http://www.Easybib.com to help you prepare your citation page.

Incomplete or Unapproved Submissions
If your initial script submission needs to be changed or is incomplete, we will tell you what changes are needed in order for it to be approved.

When you resubmit your script, it will be treated as a new submission.

Approved Submissions
Once your script has been approved, you'll receive an email notification of initial approval. To receive final approval for your script submission, you'll need to follow these steps:
  · Print your initial approval email for each script submitted
  · Attach the email(s) to the script(s)
  · Bring both (the approval email and the script) to the tournament
  · Submit them the staff at Script Submission table for final approval

Note, you must have your entire paper script package onsite and available for review for during the entire tournament.

Script Upload:

Please help us by naming your upload files in this manner - Last Name, First Name - Event. For example, "Smith, Jane - DI.pdf".

Upload your completed script submission materials at: Upload Link

You may select all your files to upload at once; there is no need to submit each file one at a time. Once your file(s), have been fully uploaded, the screen will state: 'Upload Complete - upload another?' At this point, you have successfully uploaded your file(s). Note, this is the only notice you'll receive for a completed upload.

Important: if you make any changes to your script after has been submitted, you will need to have your resubmit your entire script package again before the deadline.