Camelback Classic Juniors Tournament

We are very excited to be offering a Juniors Tournament for students ages 8 - 12 only.

Parents, please use discretion in deciding to register very young competitors. If your child will not be able to stand in front of judges and speak without you prompting them, we would advise you against entering them into the competition.

Students may register for up to three different events. The first event is $10 per student; the second event is an additional $10 per student, and the third event is an additional $5 (for a maximum total cost of $25 per student).

Events Grouped in Rooms by Category

Please be note that all platforms speeches (OO, Persuasive, Expos) will be competing in the same room. Likewise, all interpretive speeches (DI, HI, OI, DUO) will be competing in the same room as well. If we happen to have enough competitors for a single event, we may choose to separate them into their own room. Example, if we have 5 or more DUOs, then they will be placed together in one room.

The Events:

  • Junior Apologetics (Questions Below)
  • Junior Impromptu
  • Junior Cold Reading
  • Junior Interp (OI, HI, DI, DUO or Monologue)
  • Junior Platform (Persuasive, OO, Expository)

Misc. Notes:

Time Limits: Please be aware that the time limits have changed for these events!

  • Apologetics is four minutes (with three minute prep)
  • Cold reading is two minutes (with two minute prep)
  • Impromptu is 3 minutes (with two minute prep)
  • Interps and Platforms have a maximum speaking time of 5 minutes.

Judges: Our elder competitors and parents will serve as judges for the junior's tournament. However, in order to judge juniors, competitors must be 14 years or older, or have one or more prior years of competition experience. Elder competitors may not judge their sibling.
Script Submission: While no script submission is required, junior competitors are still required to cite authors, sources, and copyright dates in their pieces.
Attire: Tournament attire is Sunday best.
Awards: All competitors will be acknowledged at the award ceremony! Remember to be dressed in your Sunday best!

Apologetics Questions

1. What does it mean that God is omniscient? Why does this matter?
2. What is the meaning of God's omnipotence? Why does this matter?
3. What is the meaning of the omnipresence of God? Why does this matter?
4. Where did God come from?
5. What does it mean that God is eternal? Why does this matter?
6. How can the Bible be written by men but also written by God?
7. What does it mean that Jesus Christ is the Messiah? What does this matter?
8. What does it mean to call Jesus Christ the Lamb of God? Why does this matter?
9. Is the Resurrection essential to the Christian faith?
10. How has God shown His love for humanity?
11. What is sin?
12. Does God reveal Himself to man?