Alumni Judges

We greatly appreciate your willingness to volunteer your time and expertise by judging at our tournament!

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

We wish to avoid conflict of interest (and even the appearance of conflict of interest) by our judges. To aid in this endeavor, we are requesting anyone who competed in a Stoa tournament during the 2015-16 season to refrain from judging:

• Any member of your previous club
• Any student in an event in which you competed against that student in the event

In addition, please do not judge a sibling.

Debate Protocol

  • Disclosing your decision - While it is not uncommon for a debate judge at the collegiate level to disclose his decision at the end of a round, please don't do that here. These young men and women are still relatively new to debate (even if they are seniors) and can become disheartened, distracted, or unfocused if they are dwelling too much on a loss (or win) behind them.
  • Tapping or Knocking - While you may have come to enjoy the sound of knocking or tapping during a parli round, please restrain from tapping or knocking during a TP or LD debate round.

Again, thank you for your service to support Christian homeschool speech & debate!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact Ben Busler at